Time is running out
to save the unique character of Winchester

A Public Inquiry, that may start as early as August, will determine if Barton Farm should be developed thereby irreversibly disfiguring Winchester by obliterating its famous landscape setting.


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Winchester City Council has opened the door to the building of 2000 houses (plus community and commercial buildings) at Barton Farm, a 300 acre site immediately to the north of the centre of Winchester. That would be the size of a village and would be the largest suburb Winchester has ever been expected to accommodate.

The infra-structure required to support such a development would only add to the devastation and would then be in place to support development of other greenfield sites in the vicinity.

The Save Barton Farm Group, the largest community group in Winchester, is determined to stop this crass and unnecessary proposal and will fight tooth and nail to protect Winchester from an irresponsible development that will change the character of Winchester for ever.

The Council's current Local Plan will be the subject of an "Examination in Public" Inquiry by a Planning Inspector later this year. It is this Local Plan that earmarks Barton Farm for development. In addition, the developer's (Cala Homes) planning application and appeals against the refusal of the application are being reviewed. In short, there is still a lot to play for. Winchester needs and deserves better than that from a Council that is supposed to serve and represent the residents of Winchester. If you are interested in joining us to create a long-term strategy for the future of Winchester, then please contact us.

Gavin Blackman
Chair, Save Barton Farm Group

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